7 Steps to Success in Starting a Clothing Business for Beginners

Feeling bored working for someone else? Why not start your own clothing business?

It is true that starting a business can be intimidating, but never give up if you dream of becoming a businessman.

Let’s look at 7 steps to success in starting a clothing business for beginners.

There Is No Best Industry in Business

Have you ever felt bored with work? Get up early, go to work, overtime, go home at night, sleep, and so on every day.

Not to mention if you don’t like your job. Maybe because your boss is fierce, work doesn’t work for your passion, or because you’re tired of being an employee.

When you feel an inconvenience at work, of course dreams arise to start your own business. Imagine if you can be your own boss and can make your own decisions.

If you feel that way, then you can just start your own business as long as you have strong determination and careful planning. Why not?

But when it comes to starting a business, many people ask, “What is actually the most profitable industry? Is it food, insurance, or property? “The answer is: ANY INDUSTRY can be a lucrative field, provided you do it seriously.

One of them is the clothing business. Curious about how to start a clothing business for beginners?

Here are 7 successful steps to starting my Financial version of the clothing business.

#1 High Commitment

If you are asked the question, “Do you WANT to be a successful businessman?” Most likely everyone will answer YES.

But if you are asked again, “Have you been 100% COMMITTED to become a successful businessman?” Then the answers of some people can change.

The point is, there is a difference between MAU being successful and COMMITTED being successful. If you only want it without doing anything, then you cannot be successful.

This is the reason why only a handful of people have succeeded in achieving their goal of being successful, even though almost everyone wants to be successful.

Similarly, in the business of clothing, you must be committed both in capital and time to start the business.

Sportsbikeshop founder James Mitchell revealed:

“There is no way to escape hard work – there will be touch of luck, but being creative, hard working and thinking out of the box is what sets the theory of your business.”

In other words, you must always be creative, work hard, and think uniquely to distinguish yourself from other competitors. There is no other way than to work hard to get success

In conclusion, don’t make success “if” but make it “must”. Surely you can also achieve that success.

#2 Plan your business with maturity

Someone who is SUCCESS is those who have a mature and detailed business plan.

The business plan does not have to be long and long-winded, but it is quite short and compact. The important points that must be included in the business plan are:

General description of the company (for example: the name of the company, the industry it engages in, the company’s goals, etc.)
Product summary (for example: clothing products that can provide comfort without forgetting the latest beauty and clothing trends).
Operational summary (for example: production processes, raw materials, and operational processes)
Executive summary (includes keys from the business model created).

Make your own business plan and prove its effectiveness now!

If successful, don’t forget to share this article with your friends who also have difficulties in doing business. Thus, you have helped your friends to become more successful business people.

#3 Organizing Companies

Basically, all components in a company are entities that must be integrated. In addition, it is important to take care of company legality if you want smooth, unhindered success.

By managing the corporate tax structure and proposing a legal business entity, the company can run by fulfilling all its obligations and will obtain its rights in accordance with applicable law.

#4 Preparing the Production Process

Knowing how the production process will be carried out is an important decision. You can choose to produce your own, or also use outsourcing.

Whatever method is chosen, one thing needs to be ascertained, namely checking quality (quality control). The quality of this product will determine your business, whether you will get good or bad reputation.

It is true that ensuring product quality will cost a lot, because this is one of the biggest costs in the business besides the initial capital.

But this is also what will determine the development of your business going forward. Thus, make sure the right production process with good product quality.

#5 Determining Prices

After having a clear product and production process, you can now determine the price.

This price will affect the amount of profit that you can get. Own profit is derived from the difference between the selling price and fixed costs and variable costs.


Fixed costs are costs that must be invested in a business and are fixed or will not change. For example: facility costs and the cost of purchasing machinery
Variable costs are costs that can vary in number for each period depending on certain factors. For example: raw material costs change when the amount of production changes

To ensure that you make a profit in the clothing business, make sure the set price is greater than the capital. Try to set a target profit margin of 30% to 50%.

#6 Creating a Good Marketing Strategy

No matter how good a product is, it cannot be successful if it is not equipped with a good marketing system. Consider the following points when you make a marketing strategy:

  • Build a brand

Generally clothing products are determined by the company’s logo and brand name, thus making a logo and brand name that is appropriate and in accordance with clothing.

Don’t forget to always show the logo and brand name in the marketing process to instill a brand with consumers.

  • Identify target markets

This is the main step in marketing, where you need to determine the target market that is suitable for the product being marketed. For example, if you make women’s clothes, then you need to target female students and female workers.

Determining an inappropriate target market can frustrate your business in an instant.

  • Take advantage of online facilities

Today, more and more online marketing tools (e-commerce), for example through advertising and social media.

And in increasingly fierce competition, you can lose if you do not bring marketing in the online means.

#7 Always Thirst for Repair

When becoming a businessman, one of the things that distinguishes successful business people and failed business people is “improvement”.

Improvement here means the continuous improvement, where you should not just be satisfied and continue to sell the same product without any improvement in a better direction.

A successful businessman is never satisfied and is always looking for ways to develop his business and products to be even better. In this way, you can win the competition because you never stop satisfying customers.

For example, look for a gap that is not good in the marketing strategy then look for a better strategy. Get to know the production floor and repair the bottleneck work station (inhibiting the production process to be slower), then repairing the work station arrangement or adding workers.

There are so many ways to make improvements and so you are always a step better than others.

Have Your Own Business!

Now, have you imagined how to start your own clothing business? Then are you ready to start? Now you have the provision for success.

You don’t need to hesitate anymore and can start your own successful business. If you are successful, don’t forget to give comments in the comments column and share this article with friends who are also considering opening their own business.

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